USB-Tec Products and Solutions

USB-Tec is a leading company specialising in providing innovative USB connectivity solutions that have revolutionised the way businesses and individuals connect and collaborate. With a strong commitment to excellence and a vision to break free from the limitations of traditional USB cables, USB-Tec has paved the way for a more seamless and efficient connectivity experience.

Through their cutting-edge USB over LAN extenders, USB-Tec has managed to bridge the gap between conventional USB connectivity and the growing demands of modern technology. Their solutions are designed to not only enhance the performance and reliability of USB connections but also to cater to the specific needs of various businesses and industries. This customization feature has set them apart in the market, making their solutions highly sought after by companies looking to optimize their connectivity infrastructure.

With their focus on excellence, innovation, and customization, USB-Tec continues to extend beyond the limits of USB extenders.

Simultaneous Users Interaction

Collaborative Simultaneous User Interaction over USB-Tec extenders has transformed the way businesses operate and individuals collaborate. Seamless interaction between upto seven users connected to a single host machine through USB-Tec Extenders Over Lan.

It allows for real-time communication and data sharing, enabling teams to work together efficiently and effectively, over the LAN network. This not only reduces costs but also simplifies the setup process, making it easier for organizations to implement and manage collaborative initiatives seamlessly.

Simultaneous Users Interaction

Simultaneous & Switchable USB

Local UT2304S-LAN

    Local LEX encoder for Switchable and Simultaneous pairing upto seven Remotes.

Moxa Ethernet Switches

Remote UT2304S-LAN

    Remote REX decoder for Switchable and Simultaneous pairing.

Moxa Industrial Switches

Switchable USB

Switchable USB

Switchable USB technology allows users to dynamically switch the connection of USB devices between different Host systems. This enables the sharing of USB devices such as printers, scanners, and storage devices among multiple computers for convenient and efficient access to these devices without the need for physically swapping cables.

Including USB-Tec Extender Administrator, a user-friendly interface that allows for seamless and efficient management of USB device connections, enhancing the flexibility and adaptability of USB device usage across a network.

Simultaneous & Switchable USB with PoE

Local UT2304SP- LAN

    3 Port Local LEX encoder for Switchable and Simultaneous pairing upto seven Remotes.

Moxa Networking Software

Remote UT2304SP-LAN

    PoE+ LAN powered Remote REX decoder for Switchable and Simultaneous pairing.

Moxa Networking Software

Extend Beyond Limits

USB-Tec offers a range of Switchable and Simultaneous extension devices that cater to various connectivity needs. Merging USB connections across different rooms, without the hassle of physically relocating the devices themselves. This capability facilitates seamless collaboration and efficient workflow, enabling teams to work together more effectively even when separated by physical distance.

By harnessing the power of USB-Tec, users can revolutionize the way they connect USB devices and redefine the possibilities for their extension needs.

USB-Tec Solutions