USB Connectivity

USB Connectivity

USB is the world’s most commonly used interface and is becoming increasingly used in industrial applications.
Industrial IT provides plug and plays solutions through USB extensions, OEM solutions, USB hubs, and USB to serial converters.
Our USB Connectivity solutions can help you remove the limitations of your USB solutions.

USB Extenders

Industrial IT’s USB Extender solutions allow you to surpass the 3m limit on USB extension and locate your peripheral away from the host computer.

USB Hubs

Industrial IT offers compact and rugged USB hubs, with dual power input for redundancy they can even function reliably in harsh environments.

USB-to-Serial Converters

Industrial IT offers a range of RS 232/422/485 to USB converters, these high-speed and Industrial-grade devices allow you to connect your Serial devices through a single USB port.

USB Connectivity Accessories

Accessories for all your USB Connectivity devices.


USB-Tec USB extenders empower seamless connectivity for USB devices across rooms, floors, or entire buildings, providing unparalleled flexibility. Simultaneously connect up to seven remote devices to a single host system, and dynamically modify pairings between host and remote systems in real-time. 

With a robust power supply of up to 1.5 A at each port and a total of 3.5 A, USB-Tec USB extenders ensure reliable performance for your diverse connectivity needs. The local USB extender features three USB Type-A ports, enhancing your USB connectivity options.