We Are Official Moxa Partner

Industrial IT Systems are proud to be a distribution partner with Moxa, a leading provider of advanced industrial networking solutions and ranked as the number one provider in serial connectivity.

By utilizing Moxa's solutions, several industrial networks can be combined into a single, integrated Ethernet-based system that includes wired, wireless, and secure connections. Their solutions are highly reliable and provide excellent performance, making them an ideal choice as the backbone of any business.

Moxa's products are scalable and customizable, allowing businesses to easily adapt to changing needs and requirements in all industrial environments.

Industrial Networking Solutions and Infrastructure

Moxa provides a range of industrial networking solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of various industries providing advanced security features, protecting businesses from cyber threats and ensuring the safety and integrity of their data.

One of the key benefits of their industrial networking solutions is their robustness and reliability. Their products are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh weather conditions, and other environmental factors that can often compromise other networking solutions.

Moxa Industrial Networking

Moxa Industrial Networking Solutions

Moxa Industrial Ethernet Switches

    Moxa offers a wide range of Industrial Ethernet Switches, known for their industrial-grade reliability, network redundancy, robust security, easy manageability, and cost-effective price-to-performance ratios.
    Our diverse range of switches includes unmanaged switches, managed switches, PoE switches, rackmount switches, and rail industry switches that conform to certain parts of the EN 50155 standard.

Moxa Ethernet Media Converters

    Moxa's Ethernet to Fiber media converters with industrial-grade reliability and a flexible design that can fit any type of industrial environment.

    Reliably and consistently convert Ethernet data into fiber optic signals, even when used in tough industrial environments.

Moxa Network Management Software

    MXstudio network management suite designed for automation and network management.

    Offering a user-friendly interface that allows engineers to view all network settings, conditions, and traceable records in a visual format.

Moxa Ethernet Networking

Industrial Edge Connectivity

Moxa is the leading Serial-to-Ethernet Solution Provider with commitment for secure connectivity solutions for legacy equipment to 2030 and beyond. Linking all the equipment and tools utilized in manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, and transportation, and processing the collected data in the local environment.

Simplifying connectivity and monitoring enabling highly accurate data in real time, with Security-hardened solutions based on IEC 62443 standards.

Moxa Industrial Edge Connectivity

Moxa Serial Device Servers

    Moxa offers a comprehensive range of more than 500 serial/USB connectivity products that are designed to provide dependable industrial solutions for device connectivity.
    The product portfolio comprises of industry-specific certified products that are specially designed for challenging environments, rail applications, intelligent transportation systems, and power automation.

Moxa Serial Converters

    Moxa serial media converters facilitate seamless communication between devices with different serial interfaces. Serial-to-serial converters are specifically designed to convert signals between RS-232 and RS-422/485 interfaces, Serial-to-fiber converters are capable of converting all three of these interfaces to optical fiber.
    Whilst Moxa's fieldbus-to-fiber converters provide a simple and effective way of converting fieldbus signals to fiber, while also offering easy configuration and troubleshooting. Moxa’s ICF converters, which are built to industrial-grade standards, are capable of converting PROFIBUS to fiber, even in the harshest of environments.

Moxa Protocol Gateways

    Moxa MGate gateways, provide a seamless solution for connecting serial devices to an Ethernet network.

    Supporting multiple connections and able to convert between different protocols like Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP.

Moxa Universal and Rugged Controllers & I/O’s

    Moxa provides a wide range of controllers and I/O devices for industrial automation applications. Designed with push technology that facilitates faster I/O responses, while still ensuring accurate data collection.
    With Moxa Click&Go Plus simplifying configuring the control logic rules and provides support for multiple OT/IT protocols.

Industrial Computing

Moxa Industrial grade, fanless computers are ideal for heavy industry, power substations and utilities, transportation, oil and gas, and maritime applications. The strict adherence to industrial standards ensures that Moxa computers can withstand the challenges posed by these environments, providing long-lasting and reliable operation.

Moxa industrial computing solutions come in a range of form factors and mounting options to suite your requirements. Rackmount Computers, wall-mount computers and Din-rail mounted all providing reliable performance within industrial environments.

Moxa Industrial Computing

Moxa Industrial Computing

Moxa Arm-Based Computers

    Moxa's Arm-based computing range is specifically designed for space-critical automation applications. These compact and fanless industrial computers are wireless-ready and built to deliver reliable performance.

    They are specially designed for long-term operation and come with a 5-year hardware warranty and 10-year support for Moxa's Industrial Linux, making them the ideal choice for remote monitoring and data acquisition applications.

Moxa Panel Computers & Displays

    Moxa's industrial-grade panel computers and displays are designed to withstand harsh environments, thanks to their ruggedized build. These panel computers and displays are ideal for HMI applications in outdoor and hazardous environments, ensuring reliable performance in challenging conditions.

    They are certified with industry-specific standards such as C1D2 and ATEX Zone 2, and marine standards like DNV GL and CCS.


Moxa Ethernet Switches

Includes managed, unmanaged, PoE, EN50155 and IEC61850 certified solutions.

Moxa Ethernet Routers & IPS

Secure, reliable, and cost-effective routing functionalities for networks.

Moxa Media Converters

Seamlessly converts between fiber optic, serial, and Ethernet copper connections.

Moxa Accessories

In this section, you will find a wide range of Moxa network accessories.