EDR-8010 Series

The EDR-8010 Series encompasses a suite of sophisticated industrial secure routers with multiple ports, complete with firewall/NAT/VPN and managed Layer 2 switch capabilities. Engineered for Ethernet-centric security roles within essential remote control or surveillance networks, these devices serve as a digital defense boundary, securing key cyber assets across various sectors. This includes substations in the energy sector, water treatment facilities, oil and gas distribution networks, and PLC/SCADA configurations in automated manufacturing.


Defend Against Malicious Threats With Advanced Cybersecurity Features

The EDR-8010 Series incorporates a built-in firewall that leverages policy rules to oversee network traffic within secure zones, and its Network Address Translation (NAT) feature defends the internal network against unsanctioned access from external entities. The series also facilitates secure data transmission via Virtual Private Networking (VPN) when interfacing with the private network over the public Internet. To bolster the security of operational technology (OT) assets, the EDR-8010 Series utilizes Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) to scrutinize the data segments of network packets for a multitude of OT-centric protocols.


Simplify Configurations With the User-friendly Interface and Quick Settings

The EDR-8010 Series features a user-friendly Setup Wizard that simplifies the configuration of WAN, LAN, and Bridge ports for routing purposes in a mere four steps. Moreover, its object-based firewall management system offers a straightforward approach for engineers to set up and manage firewall filtering rules for IP addresses, subnets, network and industrial application services, as well as custom services.


Industrial-grade Design to Ensure Uninterrupted Network Connectivity

The EDR-8010 Series boasts durable hardware, perfect for demanding industrial settings, with models designed to function in extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to 75°C. Additionally, the series offers extensive Layer 2 and Layer 3 redundancy options, for consistent network connectivity.


Virtual Patching and Intelligent Threat Protection

Patching presents a significant hurdle in operational technology settings, as halting operations for system updates is not viable. Virtual patching serves as an adjunct to traditional patch management by defending against both recognized and emerging vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the EDR-8010 is armed with smart IPS capabilities, offering ongoing defense against cyber threats through the use of pattern recognition to pinpoint and thwart established attack vectors.


EDR-8010 Series