Moxa Price Increase

Moxa will be increasing their prices as of 1st Jan 2023 between 15% - 30% on all their products.

It is "due to manufacturing and logistics cost increase, high inflation, and the unfavourable development of the USD/EUR exchange rate."

How Can Industrial IT help?

We understand the impact of this price increase, especially in the current financial climate, so we are keen to provide additional support to our customers.

We can keep stock for your company on a call-off order basis, allowing you to benefit from current prices if you placed your order by the 12 of December 2022.

Call-off orders are best way of securing stock and more importantly fixing prices for your projects in 2023. This is a value-add service provided by Industrial IT at no extra cost to our customers.

To lock your pricing, please submit your interest by using this form before the 12 December 2023.

Submit Your Call-off Request

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