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ioLogik R1241
ioLogik R1241

Reference : 9010789


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ioLogik R1241

ioLogik R1241

ioLogik R1241

RS-485 remote I/O, 4 AOs


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Serial io

 Moxa’s ioLogik R1200 is the perfect choice for establishing a cost-effective, dependable, and easy-to-maintain process control remote I/O system. Serial remote I/O products offer process engineers the benefit of simple wiring, as they only use two wires to communicate with the controller or other RS-485 devices. Serial remote I/O uses the EIA RS-485 communication protocol to transmit and receive data at high speed over long distances.

In addition to communication configuration by software or USB and dual RS-485 port design, Moxa’s smart I/O devices eliminate the nightmare of extensive labour associated with the setup and maintenance of the automation system. Moxa also offers different I/O combinations, which provide greater flexibility and are compatible with every kind of application.

Innovative hardware design reduces deployment effort and enhances maintenance efficiency
With the industry’s first RS-485 serial remote I/O with USB design, Moxa provides an innovative solution for upgrading and configuring RS-485 remote I/O communication devices and firmware. All you need to do is upload the configurations to a USB drive, plug it into the field device, and all the configurations and firmware updates will upload to the field device. This innovative solution allows anyone, even someone with no technical background, to upload a device’s configurations and firmware by USB so you no longer need to bring your computer to the field site to perform routine maintenance.

io s usb

Cost-saving hardware design for backup and redundancy
Moxa’s ioLogik R1200 provides dual RS-485 ports so when one of your RS-485 ports is damaged, you can quickly switch to the other RS-485 port for quick testing or repair. RS-485 remote I/O devices are already considered a low cost technology, but with dual RS-485 ports, Moxa helps you save a little bit more.

With the ioLogik R1200, you can take advantage of our dual RS-485 ports to set up wiring, provide computer redundancy, or backup your network using two computer topologies. For wiring redundancy, when your computer detects that one of the RS-485 connections is not responding, it can quickly switch over to the other RS-485 line to guarantee continuous communication between the field sensor and the central computer. Furthermore, users have the freedom to define the settings. For computer redundancy, the ioLogik R1200 provides system operators with a secure backup when one system goes down. 


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