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Moxa ICF-1180I-M-ST
Moxa ICF-1180I-M-ST

Reference : 9010680


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Moxa ICF-1180I-M-ST

Moxa ICF-1180I-M-ST

Moxa ICF-1180I-M-ST

PROFIBUS to fiber converter, multi-mode, ST connector, 0 to 60°C


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The ICF-1180I series industrial PROFIBUS-to-fiber converters are used to convert PROFIBUS signals from copper to optical fiber. The converters are used to extend serial transmission up to 4 km (multimode fiber) or up to 45 km (single-mode fiber). The ICF-1180I provides 2 KV isolation protection for the PROFIBUS system and dual power inputs to ensure that your PROFIBUS device will perform uninterrupted.

Features and Benefits
• Fiber cable test function validates fiber communication 
• Auto baudrate detection and data speed up to 12 Mbps 
• PROFIBUS bus fail prevents corrupted datagram in functioning segment 
• Fiber inverse feature 
• Alarm by relay output
• 2 KV galvanic isolation protection
• Dual power inputs for redundancy (Reverse power protection) 
• Extends PROFIBUS transmission distance up to 45 km
• Wide temperature model available for -40 to 75°C environments



Save at least 50% of your deployment and maintenance effortsEsy diagram

After a fiber Optical network is installed and terminated, it is time for testing. In the past, to check the fiber optic network, you need to do test for continuity, end-to-end loss, or communication quality by using a fiber optic inspection pen at two sides of cable. If it is a long outside plant cable with numerous nodes, you need to verify the communication status of individual fiber connectivity one by one with at least two man powers. It takes time but it is the only way to make sure the each node is good.

We understands the difficulty and maintenance efforts for system users to examine and maintain a fiber connection. The Moxa ICF-1280I PROFITBUS to Fiber converters features “Fiber Diagnosis” function to save much maintenance efforts and time to examine fiber transmission quality and troubleshoot the problems.

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Redundant Ring Ensures Transmission Reliability

 The ICF-1280I series converters are designed to connect PROFIBUS devices to a redundant ring topology, with DIP switches used to easily configure the converters for “Redundant Ring” mode. When a PROFIBUS master transmits a signal from one converter to the PROFIBUS slave devices, this signal will travel to all the converters around the ring from two routs of the ring until it returns to the original converter and terminate.

In a general fiber ring structure for managing PROFIBUS devices, one of the fiber connections fails, the PLC can’t be aware of the error and enable an alarm. Most of the time, the broken fiber connection will be found when a data loss happened. The ICF-1280I series converter provides a fiber link monitoring function to detect the communication errors on both sides of the fiber connection and determine which side (Tx or Rx) is causing the problem. When a communication error occurs, a red LED status indicator will turn on and the relay alarm will activate. If a fiber abnormality is occurred in a remote fiber segment, the Fault LED will flash to indicate the abnormality is happened in remote segment. Engineers can use the fiber test function for troubleshooting.





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The ICF-1280I PROFIBUS-to-fiber converters extend transmission much longer than other fiber converters. It extends fiber transmission up to 4 km using multi-mode fiber, or up to 45 km using single-mode fiber. Meanwhile, the ICF-1280I series products, inherit the functionality of the ICF-1180I series, provide 2 kV isolation protection and dual power inputs to ensure uninterrupted performance, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 75°C. Combining those rugged designs, the ICF-1280I can keep a reliable operation with a long life cycle in harsh environments, especially for factory automation, power, and oil & gas applications.


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