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Icron EL5100
Icron EL5100

Reference : 9020062


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Icron EL5100

Icron EL5100

Icron EL5100

KVM Extender DVI + USB 2.0 over 100m Cat 5e

This product has gone EoL. It has been superseded by the EL5353.


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Icron EL5100 KVM Extender lets you place a computer up to 100m away from the work area, connected with a single inexpensive Cat 5e (or better) cable. The system supports Uncompressed DVI HD video and USB 2.0 (up to 30Mbps) suitable for video applications in conjunction with keyboards, mice, microphones, and USB 1.1 web cameras.
• Remote Desktop: Increases IT security while improving PC provisioning and maintenance.
• Full HD Video: Uncompressed 1920 x 1200 resolution, 24-bit color depth.
• Long Distance: 100m (330 ft) over single solid core Cat 5e cable.
• Audio: Supports USB audio devices.
• USB 2.0 Support: All device types supporting up to 30Mbpx. Recommended with keyboard, mouse, flash drive, printer, microphone, USB 1.1 web camera and other USB devices which require moderate amounts of bandwidth.
• OS Support: Compatible with all major operating systems. No drivers required.
• Installation Ease: True plug and play (no set up required). Utilizes a single Cat 5e (or better) cable for desktop extension simplifying installation.
• Mounting Kit: allows units to be mounted to walls, desks or trays for 19″ racks
Applications include security, medical, interactive digital signage and industrial environments where the computer must be remotely accessible.



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